FutureNext Technologies Industrial Training refers to work experience that is relevant to professional development prior to graduation. One of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Engineering is that students must complete at least 12 weeks of Industrial Training. Industrial Training is normally accumulated during the semester breaks at the end of the third or fourth year. Students should note that Industrial Training is an essential component in the development of the practical and professional skills required of an Engineer and an aid to prospective employment. Many employers regard this period as a chance to vet new employees for future employment. All students should make considerable effort and give sufficient thought into obtaining the most relevant and effective Industrial Training. Whilst difficult, it is desirable to obtain experience in a range of activities, such as e.g. design office, laboratory and on-site situations. It should also be noted that developing an awareness of general workplace behavior and interpersonal skills are important objectives of the Industrial Training experience.


All students who are registered for a Bachelor of Engineering to undergo 'Industrial Training' for a period of 12weeks during 4th Year last Semester.


a) To expose students to engineering experience and knowledge. Which is required in industry, where these are not taught in the lecture rooms. b) To apply the engineering knowledge taught in the lecture rooms in real industrial situations. c) To use the experience gained from the 'Industrial Training' in discussions held in the lecture rooms. d) To get a feel of the work environment. e) To gain experience in writing reports in engineering works/projects. h) With all the experience and knowledge acquired, it is hoped at the students will be able to choose appropriate work upon graduation.

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